Pillar Two Unveiled Power School Study Guide Notebook for Students

This is the study guide to accompany the Unveiled Life Pillar 2 Power School. This is a 386 pg hard copy Study Guide with fill in the blank, quizzes and new and improved formatting to help you grow in the Pillar 2. There is an added Table of Contents for quick and easy reference, plus an index to find topics mentioned in the video teachings such as sacred cows, keys, thing to think on, and pillar power. This Study Guide is an easy to use reference tool and great addition to the Pillar Two Power School course.

Pillar 2 school is the second of five schools, which together constitute the 5 Pillars of Power in supernatural Christian growth. Successful graduates of the Pillar Power School have ability to move in healing, miracles, prophetic, atmospheric power, angelic interaction, and more. For the purposes of, deeper intimacy with the Father and the ability to be a powerful witness of the Gospel. To purchase the Study Guide you must be logged into your school account, as this is only available to Pillar Two students.

Please allow 5-10 business days for shipping. Thank you. 

Commissioned via physical angelic visitation, Jeff Randle's core message is that the door to Heaven’s glory, love, power and the abilities of the “Ages to Come” is open to us now, in Christ, if we are willing to pay the price of growth. From that core message springs forth 3 flows: Power; Evangelism; and Contextual Wisdom of the kingdoms of God, man, and the angelic.

With strong impartation, and as a veteran of the supernatural and evangelistic domains, Jeff teaches revolutionary biblical and practical "how-to" concepts that deploy believers, equipping them with the fullness of God’s power & wisdom for the establishment of what the Father is bringing into the world today.

With a uniquely balanced message, students experience a far deeper tangible relationship with God, manifestation of the “greater works” that God promised in John 14:12, and an unnatural ability to win the lost. Together with his magnificent bride and teammate Elisha, Jeff lives in mountain country of upstate NY