Unveiled Power School

Start with Pillar 1 Training:

Due to the unmitigated powerful nature of some of the information in Pillars 2, 3, 4, & 5 - the higher pillar training courses are only made available to students upon successful completion of the previous one in the series.

Once you have successfully completed Pillar 1 training then you may be given access to Pillar 2... and so on all the way to Pillar 5 training. 

Payment Options:

Single Payment:
Students who choose this option get the standard rate with a 10% discount.

Monthly Installments:
This option is available for those who would prefer to make smaller installments instead of a single larger one.

If you cannot afford the school please contact us for information on a scholarship. We want to make sure all who need this, have access to it. Also, if you are able to help make this school available to those who cannot afford it you can help us offset those expenses here